BlephEx 78130

BlephEx 78130

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BlephEx in 78130

You’ve heard the same question so many times that it practically echoes in your mind while you sleep. The question: are you crying? To which the answer is always no—it’s just dry eyes making it look that way. It’s becoming grating, to say the least, to let everyone know that you’re feeling ok. Of course, the dry eyes could just symptoms of a much bigger problem. In which case, definitely swing by Lone Star Vision Associates P.A. for BlephEx 78130.

So what in the world is Blepharitis? We’re getting to that part. Basically, it’s an inflammation of the eyelid. It develops when the tiny oil glands (around the base of the eyelash) become clogged. Which leads to irritated, red eyes. Although pain isn’t a common symptom, intense discomfort is. Common symptoms include: watery eyes, itchy eyelids, flaking of the skin around the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, eyelid sticking, sensitivity to light, frequent blinking, loss of eyelashes, and lashes that grow abnormally. Tear evaporation can also be caused by: eyelid problems, smoke, wind, dry air, and infrequent blinking. While it doesn’t pose any serious health risk, blepharitis can become a crippling nuisance if left untreated. Fortunately, our professionals at Lone Star Vision Associates P.A. provide a procedure (Blephex 78130) that can help you take control of the situation. If you’re wanting to know more about this procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to our location as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, so if you’re already in the throes of Blepharitis, go ahead and contact us.

Don’t worry. That first step doesn’t require leaping over hoops and hurdles. Far from it. Just a simple phone call or e-mail to our Lone Star Vision Associates P.A. office soon and be well on the way to finally getting BlephEx 78130. Simple, easy.

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