New Braunfels bifocals

New Braunfels Bifocals

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Bifocal contact lens exams in New Braunfels

If you have both nearsightedness and farsightedness, which is to say that your vision is less than ideal up close and also far away, you need our New Braunfels bifocals. And if you were under the impression that you must wear eyeglasses to take advantage of bifocal vision, we at Lone Star Vision Associates P.A. want you to know that contact lenses also give you the same dual benefits of improved vision. And with a contact lens exam here at our office, you will be covering all your bases to get that corrected vision with the best chances of a smooth and problem-free experience.

Our New Braunfels bifocals look very much like any other type of contact lens, except for the subtle line that runs across them, which acts as a guide for you. When you direct your eyes above the line, or out into the distance, you are getting the prescription for far away vision that is best suited to your needs. Direct your eyes beneath the line, and it is ideal for reading or seeing other things up close, like your mobile device or computer screen. If you’re wondering why you need a bifocal contact lens exam, the reason is that our eye doctor needs to check the three key parts of your eyes that the contacts are touching whenever you put them in. Those would be the corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids. So, what happens if any of those parts reveal a potential challenge to you wearing our New Braunfels bifocals? There may be a way to remedy the situation, or you might determine that you would prefer to go with eyeglasses instead.

Use our handy “book an appointment” button at the top our website to schedule a bifocal contact lens exam, or call us if that is more convenient for you. We look forward to helping you to get sharper and clearer vision.

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