New Braunfels contact lenses

New Braunfels Contact Lenses

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Taking some simple measures and precautions can significantly improve your experience wearing contacts. At Lone Star Vision Associates P.A., we are pleased to offer contact lens exams and fittings, done in the course of a single visit. You’ll be confident that you’re making the right choice with our New Braunfels contact lenses.

Getting any corrective eyewear requires a complete eye exam. But there are some aspects to wearing contacts that are unique and not applicable to eyeglasses. The most obvious is that our New Braunfels contact lenses actually touch your eyes, so that creates a possibility of discomfort irritation, and even infection. It is due to our contact lens exam that you can minimize those risks to the point where they shouldn’t concern you at all. The three parts of your eyes that are affected are your corneas, conjunctivas, and eyelids. Our eye doctor does a detailed check of all three, and if all is well then you’re prepared for our New Braunfels contact lenses. What if there is a potential problem? That’s when an evaluation is done. Together with our eye doctor, you may decide that the situation is not worth addressing and that you will choose eyeglasses instead. Or the circumstance could be one that is easy to remedy and you therefore choose that option. Our fittings are also essential. There are various types of contact lenses that we carry. We want you to select the ones that feel the most comfortable for you, so that you will feel positive about them. In addition, proper centering makes you able to get the most out of your prescription.

Simply reach out to our office and set up a time to come in for a contact lens exam and fitting. Click on the “book an appointment” tab at the top of our website, or call our office if you prefer.

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